• Changes in the Wind
    Nonagenarian artist-mechanic-engineer Vollis Simpson inspired the rebirth of an old tobacco town. “Everybody laughed at me…I didn't pay ’em no damn mind.” (Trailer)

  • Mountains to the Sea-North Carolina
    A two-hour show about Anne and Frank Warner's folk song collecting throughout North Carolina from the late 1930s, with over two hundred photos of musicians and country life, and songs, both recorded and live. (Trailer)

    Mountains to the Sea-North Carolina

  • Polly Hill
    “In any batch of seed, just like any batch of people, there's a few that stand out” said the legendary horticulturist and botanist. Her world-class arboretum, begun in her 50s and nurtured into her 90s was planted from seed. (Free streaming)

    Polly Hill

  • Truth Underground
    Three spoken word poets struggle through poverty, discrimination PTSD and abandonment to prove the power of the word. (Free streaming)

    Truth Underground


“Warner & Company's fine documentary work is as impressive as their generous spirit. The NEA helped fund the Vollis Simpson Park Project and Gerret kindly shared some of his phenomenal footage of Mr. Simpson. He and Mimi clearly know how to establish a relationship with their subject evidenced by their intimate portraits of people.”

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