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  • Stanford
    A look at "the most selective of the country's top schools." (NY Times)


  • Stanford Scholar Athletes
    “It's a really cool thing, when you think about it, having someone in your dorm, going to the same classes as you... but on weekends plays basketball in front of thousands of people.”

  • “Stanford: An International Perspective”
    “I was born and raised as a refugee in the Indian Himalayas.”

  • “Welcome to Smith”
    “Congratulations on being admitted to Smith. Please come.” For newly admitted students only.

  • University of Vermont
    U.S. News and World Report calls UVM a “top up-and-coming school.”

  • Yale
    “I started off thinking I might want to do biology, then changed my mind to psychology, finally settled on economics for a couple of years, and then music just kind of crept back in there.”


“Every once in a while a company comes along that understands the creative process better than I could have possibly imagined. Warner & Company has been one of those 'once in a blue moon' organizations for Amherst.”

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